Unique wooden houses


Several centuries ago, wooden houses were the traditional choice of people in countries with a large number of forests, in our century, these unique houses are the pinnacle of wooden architecture. Unique wooden houses have magical appeal. To build this type of house - is like creating your own fairy-tale world! At the same time, despite the achievements of science in the construction field, these log buildings are built according to traditional technologies. These houses are unique in their ecology and heat-saving, they have preserved all the qualities of wood as a natural material. Thanks to the minimal processing of the trunk, all the protective properties and natural wood texture are preserved.


Manufacture of unique wooden houses is one of the most costly technologies. Masters handle each log separately, only the best wood samples are used, which at the output allows obtaining the building material of the highest quality. This technology is associated with high labor costs and requires a good qualification of cutters, but the house from unique logs is beyond praise, both in esthetic and operational terms. The house from the chopped log has an ideal microclimate - it always has an excellent air and steam exchange. Low thermal conductivity of walls and their ability to keep heat inside the house. In addition, these houses has an optimal temperature regime in the room, this feature of the material makes it possible to significantly reduce and optimize the costs of energy and heat carriers. In the summer, naturally, it will be possible to save on ventilation and air conditioning.


If you want to build a new wooden house from cedar, larch or Angarsk pine, we offer a full range of services - from the project to the delivery of the house on a turnkey basis. Each house is individually designed according to your wishes, and the design is coordinated with you accordingly. After the internal calculation of your offer with a fixed price guarantee is completed, we will send you a commercial offer.

From Siberia with love