House from cedar: fashionable, rich and prestigious


The mention that the owner "built a cottage from cedar" sounds solid and causes respect. And this is understandable: cedar is absolutely unique material than other species of trees and, accordingly, its cost is higher.


Houses made of cedar are an elite choice, as this wood is one of the most expensive and highly valued all over the world. It is believed that this tree has the most powerful energy, and in the house of cedar there will be a constant healthy atmosphere, useful for health. Chopped cedar houses have excellent performance characteristics, and this main reason for their high popularity

Wooden houses made of cedar are an expensive decision, but all costs will be justified by their external beauty, pleasant interior and special atmosphere created by the familiar cedar smell. This is a real dream, as the air in this house will smell of wood: it is pleasant to be in the cedar wood, it is very comfortable to sleep in, besides, the wood keeps the heat perfectly and does not miss sound. These are only some advantages, the list of pluses of the house from a log from cedar is much wider. Due to its strength and durability, cedar has little to do with larch, but it can be easily processed. For this, Cedar is loved by builders: it is much easier to use cedar for the realization of designer's fantasies than larch. Wooden walls look amazing, because cedar wood has a number of subtle shades: it can be light pink, brownish, beige. Interesting textures allow to create a magnificent interior that will not leave anyone indifferent. Cedar wood is extremely resistant to moisture, heavy rains, freezing and thawing.


Noble Altai cedar is a magnificent natural antiseptic. The healing properties of wood are preserved for many years after the construction is completed. Cedar grows very slowly, greedily absorbing the energy of the surrounding nature. The results of this invisible effect are truly magical. From the ecological point of view, this is the best choice, and no other tree can compete with the cedar. A strong tree is resistant to decay even with high humidity, it is not affected by bugs and mold due to the high content of resins and essential oils. Cedar is a real king in the world of trees, and he will always be highly valued in construction.