The queen of the forest


Larch is the most valuable building material, thanks to its technical features, occupies one of the leading positions in house building. The queen of the forest - larch - lives about 600 years, the height of an adult tree often reaches 50 meters. The house from this tree will stand for at least 200 years. Unique details of larch are known to people for a long time, that's why this tree evokes the interest of designers, builders, experts and, ultimately, consumer demand for wood of this breed is steadily growing.


For over 300 years the larch have been successfully exploited in construction. The tree has become stronger only over the years, his is the only breed in the world that can withstand such extreme conditions. Siberian larch is a great building material. Houses made of larch are durable; wood has increased strength, high density of the array and texture originality. Log houses from larch handmade are an indicator of the status of their owner, and over the years create a homeliness and warmth. The noble classic view of houses from larch gives the reddish-golden shades of wood. There is a gamut of 12 shades - from golden honey to brownish-red color. Log houses made of larch are made especially durable and very expressive.


Houses made of larch become a real defensive fortress, where you can relax and fully restore your strength. In addition, larch has a therapeutic antiseptic effect and a heat capacity exceeding pine. Houses made of larch are a real decoration of the land. Such a house is rightly considered a prestigious housing, with ecological advantages. Due to the quality of wood, the frame from larch at the construction stage does not need to be treated with chemical impregnations, it will not rot and without them will dry up without them.


Practice shows that larch has a very pleasant, rich, coniferous aroma. Many owners of houses from larch have preferred not to produce additional interior decoration, since they greatly appreciate the effect of aromatherapy that the smell of natural coniferous wood has a beneficial effect on the internal microclimate. The larch log is most resistant to the effects of harmful insects and microorganisms. Resins also give the wood an amazing fortress, over the years it becomes so hard that it can not be processed, let alone putrefaction and abrasion. It is believed that houses from larch strengthen human health, its strength, and prolong life.