Advantages of building material:



Wood is an unparalleled, living Building Material. Houses made of hand-carved logs have long been a sign of the good taste of their owner. This can achieve a quality level that is not possible with other processing methods and this easily recognizes the photos. This is not just a fashion flow, but also a pragmatic construction. Hand-carved logs are always made by professionals and always result in a high quality work.


Improved wood material properties:

The air inside the log buildings is unparalleled. The tree remains alive and retains its natural energy. The laurel leaves and the phytonides create the fragrance of the forest and the health of the houses. Wood disinfects air and does not enter the house with harmful substances. It is naturally invented ecological climate mode. Angara pine, cedar and larch are able to deliver the energy accumulated during the growth of the house and maintain the physiological processes of the body of people living there, relax the nervous system, relieve blood pressure, prevent colds, improve respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal function and stabilize psychomotor activity. There is extremely little migraine in log houses. They are always easy to breathe with clean air and optimum oxygen balance.



There is one absolute advantage in log houses: ecology and a healthy microclimate. Loin is a natural material that contributes to health. Many other building materials can cause allergic reactions, except ecologically pure wood. Wooden walls create positive feelings and have a beneficial effect on human health. In the woods, it smells pleasantly on the steamer and their warm color creates a unique "plow" in the house that relaxes the nervous system and has a beneficial effect on the mood and well-being. People living in the woods suffer less from headaches, depression and stress than others.


Ability to breathe:

Wooden houses have a unique ability to "breathe" through the walls. With closed windows and doors, the daily ventilation of wooden houses is still 30% and the indoor microclimate in the house remains unchanged for all seasons (no need to install air conditioning systems in wooden houses). Thanks to the special properties of the wood, the microclimate of the house remains warm during the winter and cool in summer. The heat flow tends to get out of the interior and passes through the logs as it cools down and passes to the outer layer of logs, steam and carbon dioxide flow perpendicularly along the annular rings of the tree logs. As a result, moisture and contaminants are removed along the heads of the logs and no moisture is applied to the walls. Because of this feature, the houses maintain a constant oxygen balance and optimum air humidity.



Wooden houses are long-lasting and reliable. Combining wood and modern technology can build houses that our ancestors could only dream of. Various wood preservatives, paints and antiseptics protect the house from rupture, insects and fungi. The fire resistance of the wood can be guaranteed by completely detrimental impregnation technology. The treated surface can be cured but will never burn. Wood is a very strong material and northern pine strong wood species. Natural logs (not rounded) use a protective layer on the trees to protect them from various impacts. Wood is strengthened over time, unlike a brick house that is weakened.



Hirsi is a traditional, long-lived and highly respected Building Material. It has been used in construction for hundreds of years and it is ideal for northern conditions. Thanks to modern technology, the house built from hand-embroidered logs lasts over 300 years. Only natural stone is a more durable alternative to this. There are log houses that have lasted for up to 500 years and have been made with obsolete technology. Modern technology brings significant benefits to the construction process. With the chip you can create the natural and warm walls of your house, which, in the right way, maintain their value and quality for years.



Thermal insulation:

Due to its high thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity, the wood has excellent heat regulation capability. In the early summer, the houses are cool and in winter the wood walls "collect" valuable heat spreading it evenly around the house. This makes the log houses warm even with cobblestones. The wood removes the water vapor accumulated inside the house and does not let it condense indoors, preventing the house from freezing. According to expert estimates, 25 cm thick wooden walls have as good thermal insulation as in the 1.2 m brick walls. Heater heating is much cheaper and faster: the house is warm already a few hours after starting the fireplace or starting the heating system.