If you want to build a new wooden Cedar, Larch or Angara pine, we offer a full range of services - from house project to the turn-key ready real estate.


The design phase of the house takes about 2 weeks, the building permit is 1.5-2 months, the producing at the factory takes for 2-3 months after signing the plans, and the construction phase on the turnkey principle is about 5-6 months. Payment from the house is carried out according to a periodic schedule. All works has a 10 year warranty.



Detailed plan and costs for construction (with the most important stages):


1. Project plan - covers all work plans and drawings: zoning, facades, cross sections, water piping and ventilation plans, plot planning. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the entire package to be delivered to the municipality for the purpose of receiving a building permit (the customer is responsible for payments to the State). A quality plan is a guarantee for a successful and long-lasting building, without losing the original technical and operational features. An optimal option is to create an individual project that takes into account all the details of the future house. You do not have to compromise when designing an interior design: all wires and pipes are pulled inside the walls and floors and so the interior can be made as you like.


Price of the plan starting from 10,000 euros.


2. Building Master: Licensed person responsible for the construction site supervision, LVI monitoring, electrical control and general supervision + inspections. The Building Master liaises with Building Inspection throughout the construction period, he is responsible for the inspection schedule, and provides the customer or his representative with all the necessary reports. Before selecting a house project, careful geological and surveying work must be carried out to determine the soil and its properties. Otherwise, it may turn out that the selected project is unsuitable for execution on that plot.


Price 10 000 euros. The price is almost the same regardless of the area of ​​the house.


3. Base construction: deep groove flooring, 500 x 200 mm concrete slab, lightweight slab foundation, foundation insulation, waterproofing and air conditioning, filling gravel and sand 200 mm, thermal insulation of drainage inlets, drainage and drainage system, house water supply and drainage, cable management, additional displays on land and gravel inside.


Price - depending on the area of ​​the house, an average of 200 euros / m2.


4. Final flooring: markings, installation of cold and hot water pipes and other water supply, additional insulation of wires, Electrical installation, 100 mm concrete slab.

Price - depending on the area of ​​the house, on average 100 euros / m2.


5. The building package corresponding to the project. Price depending on the area of ​​the house, on average 1000 euros / m2.


6. Building the house for its final appearance and finishing. Price depending on the area of ​​the house, on average 200 euros / m2.


7. Interior finishing materials and works:

Entrance hall, living room, kitchen, washrooms, sauna, bedrooms, toilets, wall tiles / laminate / painting. Fireplace (up to 4000 euros), chimney (up to 1000 euros). Tiles and laminate Price range up to 35 euros / m2.

Price - depending on the area of ​​the house, on average 300 euros / m2.


8. Appearance packing - outdoor painting, Katepal roof (color by choice), roof metal parts, brush, ladders, crevices, gutters and tubes, abstraction, chimney layout, other components.

Price - depending on the area of ​​the house, on average 100 euros / m2.


9. Kitchen and household appliance package: Elektrolux / Rosenlew / Miele, kitchen selection from catalog, kitchen technology (hob, fan, fridge with freezer compartment, dishwasher) from catalog.

Price of kitchen and integrated technology 6000-12000 euros.


10. Electrical installation work: electrical work required by official building codes, TV antenna, sockets, switches, thermostats, connection to the municipal electricity grid. EI does not include contract fees with the electricity company and the electrical costs incurred during the construction work.

Price - depending on the area of ​​the house, an average of 150 euros / m2.


11. Heating, water supply, air conditioning: electric underfloor heating, drainage tank, drainage tank, washing machine, toilets, sinks (Nordic).

Price - depending on the area of ​​the house, an average of 170 euros / m2.


12. Work on the building site: woodcutters, creation of a car park and a parking lot, soil clearing, primer laying with sand, gravel, geotextile, rammering, etc., lighting. Rock Blasting is not included in the price.

Price is 10000-20000 depending on the amount of work.


13. Separate excavations: water drilling tube 100-130 meters + equipment + Uponor drain + drainage area.

Price 18000 euros. The price is not practically dependent on the area of ​​the house.


The construction of the house on the turn-key ready takes 6-8 months from the signing date. Construction is paid in stages.